The New Christian Food Pantry in Wilson, NC needs contributions from people like you. It's easy to make a difference with any amount.


Wondering where your donation will end up?

All of the New Christian Food Pantry's staff and board members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their time or services.  NCFP takes great care to ensure that 100% of your donation reaches the most pressing needs.  We will use your gift to supplement food donations as needed and to fund other operating costs.  To donate to the food pantry, click "Donate Now." 

immediate need

In addition to these normal operating costs, there is an immediate need for a new roof.  Because of the damage to the current roof, about 35% of the facilities are completely out of use.  With a new roof, additional space will be available to be used for computer labs and music studios where students will be able to spend their free time after school in a safe and fun environment.  To be a part of this, please follow the link below to our GoFundMe campaign.  Your donation will go directly to this important project that will be used to impact the daily lives of many Wilson County children.